About us

Compact Relocation Services is a new company started by old hands at relocation. We provide individuals and HR departments with a seamlessly orchestrated service for every aspect of expat life in Hungary.

When you contact us for your initial consultation, we will survey your concerns and even anticipate your needs to offer you a service package for the whole process of moving, settling and doing the paperwork. At each step on the way you will get updates from us and with our online tracking system you can check for yourself the status of each task and document any time.

Our dedicated team, headed by a single point of contact, will assist you flexibly also in case of special requests and unforeseen events, emergencies or change of plans. Our mission is to make everything go smoothly and swiftly for you or your company.

You are safe with us: all online and offline data and documents from you are handled with strict confidentiality. We follow closely the changes in local regulations and keep our procedures up-to-date.

Just contact us and we will get a move on!


Our mission at Compact Relocation Services is to put our local expertise at your service and relieve you of the tasks related to relocation. Our job is to coordinate and execute this process in a way that lets you focus on your job. We want to make it easy for you to work with us, so we offer you a package of services, tailored to your needs, with one point of contact. Think of us as a compact tool which does all and any parts of this complex and difficult work for you easily.